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Through Darkness Into Day

by Bruno Merz

I need the nine sixteen to get me where I’m going to, Take me from this place of lies and shame. My tears are falling down, falling down on everyone, Think it’s time to leave and start again. But where is home, where is home. Tired of feeling alone. So come fly me away. Ooh, yeah I’m riding on. Ooh, yeah I’m riding on. Thought I’d forever be bound by regrets that torment me. Never seen a day break oh so clear. And as the leaves appeared you whispered words of love to me, Melted through this heart so full of fear.
Your gentle hands they cover me And I feel sleep come finally But I don't want to sleep tonight I want to stay here forever like this In your arms And how I'm longing for the sea To feel the waves wash over me And like the shining sea, light finds you It all becomes calm here with your head on my heart And in your sleep I heard you say You say I love you in a tender way All I could do was lie and gaze Upon that pretty sleeping face Beautiful always, beautiful always Beautiful always, beautiful always Beautiful always, beautiful always Beautiful always
On The Shore 03:58
Do you remember when we were tender, That even strangers said how beautiful we were together. On the shore. Do you remember by the sea, When you told me how you wanted to be Always together, On the shore. Ooh ooh ooh. We’d driven for days then singing our songs, Didn’t seem to matter that our money was gone, ‘Cos we were together, On the shore. And as those white waves came hissing ashore, I told you stories of the days before we were together. Ooh ooh ooh. And when you smiled then it was just for me. Your heart alone for me to see.
Oh My Love 04:35
I remember your heavy sleeping head on my shoulder. I remember your cheeks so wet and cold from the rain. I remember your hair all in my face as you’d kiss me. But the truth is I’m starting to forget you girl. I remember you running through the street just to meet here, And the way you’d always write my name while on the phone. I remember Sunday morning light shining on you, And as you’d wake up your arms would surround me. Oh my love, come run away from this. ‘Cos oh my love, what happened now to us.
Far away, ends a summer day. And the breeze it carries your quiet sigh. Cos you're tired today, and sleep won't come, Pretty bird, why do you hide your head and cry. Ooh, there is a love that stays now. Ooh, let it all fly away now. Ooh, lie awake and you'll find love waiting. Little one, how far you've come, Down a path that never was and easy one. So rest your head, come lay it down. Hear the wind calling you to fly the moonlit clouds. Ooh, there is a love that stays now. Ooh, let it all fly away now. Ooh, lie awake and you'll find love waiting.
Used to believe in you and me, Used to believe in love, But on that morning when you woke up, Did your thoughts turn to me. ’Cos I really thought that I knew you, You were free to go my dearest friend, So did you have to do it like that. Something’s gone in me forever now. Why you could not say, Doesn’t matter anyway. Can’t change you back, Can’t think like that. Why you could not say, Doesn’t matter anyway. That wind that blew, Yeah, it took you too. ’Cos my heart still searches for your face
Lullaby 03:06
Sleep and let your fear and worry fade away. Sleep now for tomorrow brings a brand new day. Where everything is new and good, And troubles fade just like they should. And as moonlit clouds have always brought their peaceful rain. It always has and always will go on the same. Hear the wind soft in the trees. The rain from high upon the leaves. And you don't have to try so hard, 'Cos you are loved just as you are.


A selection of tracks from this bedroom recorded album.


released January 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Bruno Merz Peterborough, Ontario

Journey folk from the Cloudlands.

New Zealand born singer-songwriter.
Based in Canada.

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