Departing From Crowds - EP

by Bruno Merz



released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Bruno Merz Peterborough, Ontario

New Zealand born singer-songwriter and composer.
Based in Canada.

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Track Name: Lele's Song
Lele’s Song
Words and music by Bruno Merz

Far away, ends a summer day.
And the breeze it carries your quiet sigh.

‘Cos you’re tired today, and sleep won’t come,
Pretty bird, why do you hide your head and cry.

Ooh, there is a love that stays now.
Ooh, let it all fly away now.
Ooh, lie awake and you’ll find love waiting.

Little one, how far you’ve come,
Down a path that never was and easy one.
So rest your head, come lay it down.
Hear the wind calling you to fly the moonlit clouds.
Track Name: Nine Sixteen
Nine Sixteen
Words and music by Bruno Merz

I need the nine sixteen to get me where I’m going to,
Take me from this place of lies and shame.
My tears are falling down, falling down on everyone,
Think it’s time to leave and start again.

But where is home, where is home.
Tired of feeling alone.
So come fly me away.
Ooh, yeah I’m riding on.
Ooh, yeah I’m riding on.

Thought I’d forever be bound by regrets that torment me.
Never seen a day break oh so clear.
And as the leaves appeared you whispered words of love to me,
Melted through this heart so full of fear.
Track Name: Home Soon
Home Soon
Words and music by Bruno Merz

All I would give just to be near you now.
Your words in my hands, still got a thousand miles.
Saw in your eyes, saw them take every word.
It’s all in the past, so many words unheard.

Fool that I’d become so unstuck now.
Who would’ve saved my soul from this.

Don’t go to sleep yet, ‘cos I’ll be home soon.
Pick up my feet and leave these lonely rooms.
Can already breathe your hair as you lean to me.
Your whispering skin, whisper all over me.

Full of love that I have longed for now.
Full of hope that I have hoped for now.
Track Name: For You Now
For You Now
Words and music by Bruno Merz

Come away, come away
leave it all far behind you.
‘Cos it’s not who you are and it’s not what you wanted.
I can see, I can see
the strength there inside you.
Calling you
come away to where you’re bright eyed and hopeful.

As a child is this how, you saw yourself all grown up.
‘Cos I believe, I believe
in your smile I see someone else.
Coming through, coming through
like the sun-rays that kiss your face.
Like they always have done and they always will for you now.

And everything will be alright now, alright.